Hello everyone in these dark times! Just wanted to let you know that I'm locked out of my office for a while, and unfortunately that means the episode that was scheduled for 10th April may be delayed. However, I'm still working on the new Combo Set - it will be released, but also with a slight delay. Sorry for that and I hope you're holding on tight! Wash your hands people! 🙂

Also, here's a little teaser/punchline for the 8th comic:

Dolcett Academy Vol VIII: The Slavic Field Trip

The action takes place in a remote, forgotten village called Česlavgrad. Principal Dr. Karen Taylor, new leader of the Dolcett Academy takes her students on a field trip to further investigate the roots of cannibalism and study the movement's spread around the world. When the party arrives at destination, they're greeted by distrustful farmers and commoners, not really pleased by the sight of tourists. Dr. Taylor gives her students a tour of the surrounding settlements and buildings, uncovering the gruesome lifestyle of the forgotten slavic tribe. Later on, Dr. Taylor hires a witch hunter to provide the party with a fresh piece of flesh, and asks the local priest to perform an "exorcism" session for the student's enjoyment.

Sup fellow deviants, just a quick post. Next month apart from the usual comic I'll be releasing a new type of series: a short, monthly mini-set (around 30 images) without any kind of plot/story and comic strips - no bullsh*t, just pure dolcett action : D Every set will consist of one female model being hanged, beheaded and cooked. I'll try to make the sets with as many body types (also shemales maybye) as possible so you get to choose what you really like 🙂 Below is a sample pic, just a skin test render.


Dolcett Academy Mini-Series

What's up people. I'm working on a new Dolcett Academy Comic : ) I thought it might be nice to share some background information and a baseline for the story of the upcoming comic. This time I'll try to be more focused to actually create something deeper in terms of plot and dialogues.



Dolcett Academy is opening a new chapter in its history. Following the complete loss of control over the events which took place during the tenure of two previous principals, the management board of Dolcett Enterprises LTD decided to take a new direction in the search for a new leader of the Academy. After a few months of reviewing the candidates applications, the position was filled by Dr. Karen Taylor, a graduate of the Harmon School of Business - a PhD student in behavioural psychology and microeconomics.

After a thorough evaluation of the Academy's administrative system, Dr. Taylor decided that some drastic measures would have to be implemented. In order to maintain more control over the actions of the students, the number of them allowed to enroll in the Academy was limited. In the face of too many fatal accidents involving freshmen during the exercises, it was decided that a change in the procedure of performing these activities was necessary. Students will no longer be able to participate directly in exercises and simulations using Dolcett Enterprises machines (including AH-5000 and JK-3000). Instead, slaves will be utilized as a kind of cannon fodder for the students' skills evaluation procedures. By using this approach, the format of lectures and exercises can assume in advance the death of the subject (slave).

To reduce the cost of Academy's operation, slave deliveries will be contracted with the Human Meat Processing Plant in Easthaven, Darkwell County. The facility specializes in butchering and processing human subjects of low social value - thieves, young adults from dysfunctional families or people with extreme, potentially dangerous political views. The purchase price of human material from such a source is much cheaper than on the free market, however, it is stigmatized with reduced quality.

Further budget cuts will entail allocating additional responsibilities to students. Each week, a different student will be assigned to control the supply chain of the slaves. Students will also be required to prepare the subjects for use in lectures and exercises. The accuracy of these tasks will be evaluated and taken into account in the final assessment at the end of each semester.

The ultimate objective of the Academy is to train the adepts of the art of execution, who will be able to face the challenge of running their own Academy in the future. The government has been working on a bill for several years now, which is to delegitimize the Academy's activities. The aforementioned training plan should be implemented in order to create new branches of the Dolcett Academy scattered around the world as soon as possible.

Hello fellow deviants and Dolcett enthusiasts! Wow, 2019 has been a crazy year for me. I've devoted countless hours and funds into the development of Dolcett Academy comic series, and now that it got *kinda* serious, I thought launching a website would be appropriate. The main reason for that is you can't really rely on 3rd party social sites like Deviantart because of their strict rules and censorship. With my own website, I can post whatever I want. So, I guess... get on board with me and let's see where this ship will take us : D Also, from this point I'd like to thank all these wonderful people who supported me for the past year - Reddit's r/Guro and r/DolcettKingdom community, dolcettgirls forum members, thedarkspot members, DeviantArt followers, gurochan members... and many more. May 2020 be a year of many comics! And make sure to visit my blog every now and then - I'll be posting some plot/story details about new comics, and who knows, maybye some DAZ Studio tutorials?...