Prison Stories EP1 - Deathgrip Or Liberation

This comic is based on the first half of my "Deathgrip Or Liberation" text novel (you can find it here - click!). The story turned out way too long in order to squeeze it ino just one comic 🙂

In this episode, you'll join Bianca - a 20-something student from Venezuela on her search for the fulfillment of her asphyxiation fantasies... A Venezuelan prison experienced a mutiny by its guards who have taken control of it and turned it into a money-making machine, selling asphyxiation snuff porn videos featuring the prisoners as victims on the dark web. Bianca found the advertisement on Black Market Reloaded, offering videos made to custom order by the prison wardens. She contacted them in order to volunteer...

Once inside of the prison, Bianca witnesses all the cruelties of the prison guards. Strolling on the prison yard, she watches a sick "basketball game", where inmates fight for the basket ball while a woman dangles on a noose tied to the pole. The girl who scores the least amount of points in this game will replace the current hangee on the next day...

In the next scene, Bianca gets to know her cellmates. One of them explains to her the ins and outs of the prison ecosystem. After a brief chat, the guards drag one of the cellmates to the execution room and take Bianca with them as a spectator... Bianca convinces the guards to let her participate in the recording. She shows them her devilish side, brutally torturing the cellmate, both mentally and physically. She puts on a great show, which made one of the guards horny... After they're done filming the demise of the cellmate, Bianca convinces them to hang her alongside the dead woman...

The comic sports the same format as the previous one: 16:9 fullscreen in 4K. This comic is an asphyx-only production. So something for the true fans of the noose 🙂

Pages: 60
Resolution: 3840x2160 px
Bonus Pics : 242 in 4K
PDF / PNG: Yes / Yes
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