Comic & Art Pack #1: May 2023

This month we are re-visiting the format known from "Adventures #1" - a paneled 16:9 fullscreen comic 🙂 Also, I wanted to introduce a little twist to my packs, and include a short fanart comic based on a popular video game or movie series... So this pack includes two comics - one longer (Snuff Charity Gala) and one shorter (Gina's Last Interview) based on a popular cyber-themed game. I also included 50 low-res AI generated images, just for fun. I just started experimenting with them so don't expect anything extraordinary 🙂 I hope you will like this format!

Snuff Charity Gala:

Once every year, the Dolcett Association is hosting a snuff charity gala... The richest people in the Dolcett industry donate the lives of their daughters for the higher cause... Dolcett Academy members have been invited to the gala. The principal granted the girls access to DA's credit cards so that they can participate in the bidding... Every volunteer invited to the stage will be put through a different torture. This episode contains the demise of two beautiful girls and the story will be continued in the future.

Gina's Last Interview:

Gina Gordon, a news anchor working for the News 69 station in Dusk City managed to schedule an exclusive interview with the desert gang, Decaldacos... She arrived at the camp in an armored vehicle accompanied by CombaTech mercenaries to ensure her safety... The gang leader, Pamela, will show her the process of recording a Neural Dance - a piece of VR software that can record an entire real-life experience, along with emotions and physical responses such as pleasure or pain. The user of a Neural Dance can play it on it's own pair of ND Glasses, re-living the entire experience... including orgasming, pain... or even death.

Pages: 61
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Bonus Pics : 174 + 50 AI pics
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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