4K Graphic Novel: Joanne's Last Cigarette

So, I'm back with the new comic based on my own short novel! This comic is the first one in the "standalone" series - hence the lack of "Dolcett Academy" logo. This is a self-contained, classic femex dolcett story, spanning on 100 pages/slides!

This graphic novel tells a story about Joanne - a young, 21 year old woman working an office job, who scored a government-funded execution at the newly built Extraction Facility. Her ovum will be extracted for further reproduction, and she will serve as meat for sale... After registering herself at the facilities' Admissions Office, she proceeds to the Processing Halls. In the first hall, Joanne's bowels are emptied using a pumping system, filling her with a mixture of glycerin and a cleaning agent. Then, a rack mounted to a rail system transports her to the "human car wash" module, where she is thoroughly cleaned. In the final hall, Joanne is brought to a squirting orgams to make sure the last drop of piss is removed from her bladder before the industrial processing machines start to cut her. After the cleanup stage, Joanne's legs are roasted using a tube-like device with heating coils mounted inside. The roasted product is then cut off from her body using lasers while she's conscious, and packed tightly on a styrofoam tray. In the last stage, Joanne is impaled using a rail-mounted auto-impaler, and her arms are also severed using lasers, packed, and transported for sale. In the last stage, Joanne is roasted inside an industrial-sized oven...

Pages: 102
Resolution: 3840 x 2160px
Bonus Pics : 222
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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