Comic & Art Pack #2: June 2023

The second "Comic & Art Pack" is here! This time the pack contains: a 61-page, 16:9 panelled comic, a short 15-slide photostory with Alyx (from the popular video game) getting fucked, suffocated and cooked by her robot creature, and 50 AI pics from the new "Industrial World of Meatgirls" series - most of the AI pics are captioned with hot speech bubbles! And of course, 150 bonus 4K pics from the main comic.


This comic is based on a story proposed by one of my fans! The protagonist of the story - Vern, is a middle-aged man, owner of a meatgirl butcher shop in Dolcettville. Due to overpopulation, there is an ongoing “Meatgirl Lottery” for females age 18 to 21yo...  The comic tells a story of a young cheerleader who was drawn in the lottery, scooped up from her cheerleader practice by the Collector Squad and brought to Vern’s shop. When Vern was about to proceed with butchering her, he heard a buzzer at his front door... A beautiful blonde showed up at his door, willing to be butchered... Vern invites the sexy blonde into his butcher shop, but tells her she has to wait for her execution as he’s in the middle of butchering another subject. The blonde watches as Vern decapitates his victim, and carefully chops off all her limbs and removes the intestines from the torso.

The blonde gets turned on by the process... Vern tells her she can undress and they can proceed with her execution, but then... When she slides off her miniskirt, Vern discovers a tattoo on her pelvis, suggesting she was bred in a farm producing genetically modified humans and cattle. According to Dolcettville’s General Health and Safety Code, such people can only be minced into animal food or fertilizer. Vern proposes the blonde that he can fuck her before her execution, and then mince her into the fertilizer. The blonde agrees.. After snuffing the young blonde teen, Vern felt remorse... The last time he felt so alive was when he had to butcher his own wife years ago... He uses most of his savings to purchase a respawning shard to bring back the blonde to life...

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
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Pages: 61 + 15 slides
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Bonus * : 150 + 50 AI pics
PDF / PNG: yes / yes