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Dolcett Academy is a series of digital comics heavily inspired by the original works of Dolcett himself. But, unlike the original, my works are rendered using modern 3D applications, giving you the extra visual punch for your enjoyment. The comics are populated with purely fictional and all-adult virtual characters. Keep on reading this page to uncover the stories of the Academy's students and see for yourself if you want to become a part of the Dolcett entourage! New comics are released almost every month, so bookmark this page to never miss out on a new release.
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The major focus of my comics is re-creating the original spirit and atmosphere of the works of Dolcett. Theme(s) included in my comics consist of cannibal / gynophagia fetish followed by breath play and asphyxiation, gore and lesbian domination. All the action takes place in a fictional Academy led by the Principal, who constantly entangles herself in all sorts of troublesome situations with her female students. You can check out the latest releases on the comics page (use the button below).



social media

Make sure to check out my social pages, including Pixiv and Motherless to frequently grab previews and teasers from the upcoming comics. I also publish many standalone artworks on these platforms that are available to everyone, so visit my social profiles every now and then! And don't forget to leave your feedback (comments or PM's), I always value input about the future releases of the Dolcett Academy.

about & disclaimer

Currently, Dolcett Academy is a one-man job (Razer1911). I'm making the comics all by myself and publish them through gumroad.com. If you're an artist and wish to collaborate, hit me up on one of my social profiles (Pixiv).

The creator(s) of Dolcett Academy comics and all other digital media published on this website do not encourage or condone any kind of violent, hateful or disrespectful behavior towards any gender, religion or ethnic group. All visual and textual content presented on this website is purely fictional. All virtual characters used in comics and stories are at least 21 years old.