Prison Stories EP2 - How I Became a Sommelier

This comic is a continuation to "Prison Stories EP1 - Deathgrip or Liberation".

In this episode, we continue Bianca's story inside of the Venezuelan penitentiary! She and Carmen wake up in the morning, and are instructed by Ricardo to follow him to the execution area. After taking a shower, they climb the buckets and await further instructions... Carmen is hanged in beautiful red lingerie, as ordered by a black market customer... Only this time, they don't plan on putting her down. Bianca is hanged as well (nude), and wakes up the next day in her cell, next to a woman she never met...

They are both escorted into an empty cell block, where they're met with a mystery customer, two other female inmates, and three hanging stations with automatic winches. It turns out that Bianca is supposed to collect the piss of the hanged girls and rate it according to taste. Bianca hangs the girls one by one, collecting their piss to a champagne glass while they hang and twitch on the nooses. She takes a sip of each sample, and rates it accordingly. After each hanging, a girl is put down and revived.

Then, comes the time for the final test... The mystery customer drinks the piss herself to compare Bianca's rating with hers. Bianca's taste buds turned out to be accurate, and the customer offers her a "Piss Sommelier", but... Bianca proposes a different outcome. The three girls who survived the hangings turned out to be useless to the customer after the sommelier test, so they're shot on the spot by Ricardo...

The comic sports the same format as the previous one: 16:9 fullscreen in 4K. This comic is an (almost) asphyx-only production. So something for the true fans of the noose :). There's also a shooting execution at the end.

Pages: 69
Resolution: 3840x2160 px
Bonus Pics : 231 in 4k
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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