spin-off comics
One-Off Comics #4: The Job Interview

Watch April get mutilated by a breast guillotine and a meat grinder, followed by a sexy oven roast featuring two restaurant employees... Starring two young and sexy girls...

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Joanne's Family Gathering Part 2

All the girls from the previous chapter are subjects of another portion of Joanne's fucked up Dolcett fantasies... roasting, asphyxia, decapitations...

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Joanne's Family Gathering Part 1

Joanne sits at the table with her mom and two cousins during a very boring family diner, her mind wanders off to her fantasy world of torture and cannibalism...

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Dolcett IdeaBox #01 Fullscreen Comic

This fullscreen QHD set consists of 70 images in a true variety of themes - group hanging, debreasting, impaling, roasting, electrocution... and more.

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One-Off Comics: Midnight Club

Visit a snuff club, created by the government of Dolcett County after the ClubX incident. Willing meatgirls can put their bodies on sale for money...

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