Comic & Art Pack #3: August 2023 (Story + AI)

The grand finale of the Snuff Charity Gala is here! Two final volunteers appear on stage to donate to the greater cause. You'll meet two new 18-year old beauties: Kinsley and Astrid. The story reveals some details about their families, which will become important in the next comics...


The first scene with Kinsley takes the majority of the comic. She is placed on an inventive contraption - she is forced to remain stationary on a footstand with heaters mounted behind a glass panel, with her head placed on a scissor-like guillotine. When she moves her feet away from the footstand, a saw is activated and her stomach is cut open... After that, Jess invites two of the highest donors - Beatrix and Ksenia to the stage. Ksenia guts Kinsley and chokes herself with them... Jess "helps" her to sqeeze the gut-noose tighter around her neck and kills her. After this spectacle, Beatrix got all worked up and decided to take the second slot in the guillotine...

In the final scene, Astrid is cuffed to a tank-like device. A large pipe is shoved down her throat, and she's pumped with water untill she leaks from the other side. The water bursting from her ass fills up the tank, and she drowns... When she loses consciousness, she's revived by a robotic arm with an adrenaline syringe... In her final moments, heaters of the device are activated, and Astrid is boiled alive...

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
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Pages: 64
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Bonus * : 203 + 46 AI pics
PDF / PNG: yes / yes