Adventures In Peril #2 - Deep Encounters

Join the Dolcett Academy girls in the second episode of their perilous adventures! In this episode we'll finish the deep jungle scene with the savage Jeneba tribe. After regrouping in the base, our beloved dolcett girls will travel to the mountain biome - the home of Xihuili tribe, the descendants of the mesoamerican people, where the girls will endure an ancient ritual...

In this comic I continue to experiment with the image format - this time, I'm rendering images in the cinematic standard, which is 2.35:1 aspect ratio (wide, panoramic image with black bars on the top and the bottom). The black bars will be populated with narrative text and speech "subtitles", making the image itself clear and distraction-free. This is something I always wanted to try, so there it goes! The comic is best experienced fullscreen.

This comic is a direct continuation to the "Adventures #1" comic. In this part we continue with the jungle Jeneba tribe scene, where the savage amazon warriors continue to torture and snuff our lovely dolcett girls! In the second and third chapter of the comic our girls discover the secrets of the Xihuili tribe. The mesoamerican-styled tribe surely know how to handle a prey properly!

Among the themes in this cinematic comic you will encounter: beheading with the neck being slowly torn apart, injecting a snake into a headless body through the throat, chained leg burning over a brazier, impalement on a huge spit-pole and roasting, noose hanging on a burning stake, a classic Aztec heart removal procedure, ritual throat slashing, and being shred to pieces by huge mutant fish!

Pages: 207
Resolution: 3840x2160
Bonus Pics : 210
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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