Upcoming Cannibal Comic Teaser...

May 16, 2024

So... Time for the final part of Prison stories, huh? The next comic is gonna be 100% cannibal/gore - time to go back to our default theme 🙂

If you're not up to speed, here are the two previous "Prison Stories" comics I made recently:

Prison Stories EP1 - Deathgrip Or Liberation

Prison Stories EP2 - How I Became a Sommelier

Here's the story teaser (if you read Prison Stories EP2 - you know this already):

The Venezuelan Government has discovered what is going on in the prison run by Ricardo and his team. They completely cut off the prison from the outside world - bridges were blown up, and roads leading to it were destroyed. The airspace above the prison was closed, patrolled by military drones, armed to the teeth. While the government was preparing to take over the prison, supplies began to ran out. Soon, they ran out of food, and Ricardo's team had to go to even more horrific practices to keep themselves and the rest of the prisoners alive. Bianca, the new Deputy Warden helps Ricardo with killing, preparing and cooking other inmates in order to survive... But, are they going to be able to ecscape the prison and hide from the government, or will it be their last meal?...

Please note, some characters in these pics are just placeholders - not actual actors from the story.

EDIT 21/05/2024: I added some pics with the new cast... Our favourite 18 year olds are back! Polina, Maisie, Kinsley and a new girl - Josie 🙂