Prison Stories EP3 - The Last Meal

This is a continuation to the hanging/asphyx story - "Prison Stories EP2".

The final episode of Prison Stories is finished! In this comic, Bianca joins the prison guards team as Deputy Warden - Ricardo's right hand. The Venezuelan Government has discovered what went down in the prison run by the guards after the mutiny. The officials completely cut off the penitentiary from the outside world - bridges were blown up, and roads leading to it were destroyed. The airspace above the prison was closed, patrolled by military drones, armed to the teeth. While the government was preparing to take over the prison, supplies began to run out. Soon, they ran out of food, and they had to go to even more horrific practices to keep themselves and the rest of the prisoners alive... Bianca helps with killing, preparing and cooking inmates in order to survive... This comic contains the demise of four 18-year old girls: Maisie, Polina, Kinsley, and a completely new charatcer - Josie.

Kinsley is cooked inside of a human-sized smoker, Polina is boiled with bones and vegetables in a large bathtub to make broth, Maisie is seared on a large griddle, and Josie is manually impaled and roasted on an auto-rotating spit-pole mechanism. I really enjoyed making this one, I hope this comic is going to be a worthy conclusion to the Prison Stories series for you 🙂

The comic sports the same format as the previous one: 16:9 fullscreen in 4K. This comic oriented around the Dolcett/Cannibal theme. The themes and device(s) include: Impalement & Spit-Pole roasting, Searing on a griddle, Cooking inside of a smoker, and boiling for broth inside of a large bathtub.

Pages: 76
Resolution: 3840x2160 px
Bonus Pics : 235 in 4K
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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