Bundles updated with the latest Prison Stories EP3 and EP2!

June 26, 2024

Thanks for all the purchases so far people!!!
I updated the bundles with the latest content - you can grab the Prison Stories Trilogy Pack, the updated Modern Bundle, or the updated Definitive Anthology (all releases to this day)! Below are the links and descriptions 🙂

Prison Stories Trilogy 3-Pack

Grab all 3 "Prison Stories" episodes in one convenient pack, with 15% off the base price!

- 3 Latest comics
- 205 Fullscreen Pages
- 708 Bonus 4K pics

Previews: https://dolcettacademy.com/comic/dolcett-academy-3-latest-comics/
Paypal/Card: https://ko-fi.com/s/33a6e8d1b3

Dolcett Academy MODERN Bundle

A perfect bundle if a collection of my highest quality works is what you're after! This bundle contains the most modern Dolcett Academy comics - highest quality, largest amount of bonus pics per pack. 21 volumes, starting from Dolcett Academy Vol. 17, all the way to Vol. 27, plus Comic & Art Packs 1-3, Plus "Job Interview", and "Origins" #1 and #2 "Joanne's Last Cigarette", and all 3 "Prison Stories" episodes!
- 21 Comics
- 1303 pages
- 3426 bonus pics

Previews: https://dolcettacademy.com/comic/dolcett-academy-modern-bundle/
Paypal/Card: https://ko-fi.com/s/c7e6922588


A massive collection of ALL my works up to date! This gargantuan set consists of 28 comics from the main Dolcett Academy story, plus 23 supplementary sets and comics, giving a whopping of 51 sets to watch!

- 51 content packs
- 3353 pages
- 4291 bonus images

Previews: https://dolcettacademy.com/comic/dolcett-academy-definitive-anthology/
Paypal/Card: https://ko-fi.com/s/926d77ba08